The publishers of MARKETING magazine, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Outdoor Advertising Association of Malaysia (OAAM) to plan and launch a competition for Malaysia’s outdoor advertising industry this year.

This MoU will see MARKETING and OOAM working together to highlight the power of Out-of-Home (OOH) media amongst marketers, creative and digital agencies, and media specialists in Malaysia.

This non-profit project driven by MARKETING magazine in collaboration with OAAM will also  provide OOH media support to MERCY Malaysia’s humanitarian efforts.

President of MERCY Malaysia, Dato’ Dr Ahmad Faizal, who witnessed the signing said, “This is timely as we are also marking our 20th Anniversary this year. Malaysian media players has been consistently supportive of our work and it is great to see the outdoor advertising industry come together for a humanitarian cause.”

Henry Low, President of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Malaysia, announced, “As the industry evolves with the times, marketers recognise that the value of creative messaging is the game changer in their business. And with new innovative techonology platforms available, we welcome agencies to contribute their campaigns in the OOH space when they advertise with our members.”

MARKETING magazine’s Founder and Publisher Professor Harmandar Singh (Ham) shared, “We will use our MC2 Awards programme to drive this project and our next season will be about Out-Of-Home advertising. It will be free to enter.”

“While we discover great ideas and reward creative, media and marketing talent, the intention to do good is the main reason we are excited about this collaboration. So when Ham first approached us about this initiative, we were all excited about it,” added Henry.

Our Legacy

MC2 started over a decade ago to to raise the bars of Malaysian creativity. We have been through many stumbling blocks yet we evolved and marched on. The relentless efforts of our founder, Professor Harmandar Singh has been a part of many success stories which he would proudly recall with a smile on his face. 

Why MC2 OOH?

OOH is the oldest form of advertising that has evolved over the years and remains relevant. Its evolution ranges from print to digital in any media Out Of Home that would catch the eye of a consumer.

OOH isn’t simply print and paste advertising anymore. It is now a tedious tactical challenge with almost endless possibilities.

But how much of it has been creatively explored? MC2 OOH series hopes to celebrate the creative exploration of ingenious advertising.

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